2022 | Monitoring and Analyzing Urban Green Space Usage Based on Mobile Phone Data

Urban green spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and residential greenery, are essential for a functioning city and residents’ well-being. Prompted by today’s tendency towards urban expansion and population growth in metropolitan areas, there is intense, growing usage of urban green spaces, which has a negative effect on the infrastructure of public spaces, residents’ well-being, and the urban ecosystem. While creating new green spaces in dense urban areas is almost impossible, analyzing and understanding the dynamics of how green spaces are used could lead to better planning and management of existing spaces.

This project will propose and develop a digital tool for analyzing the use of urban green space based on mobile phone positioning data in two stages: 1. Analyzing and defining historical usage patterns on different time scales (daily, weekly, seasonally, and annually) for urban planning and managing uses. 2. Developing a framework for an accessible real-time usage assessment for public users.

The project’s primary goal is to empower planners, managers, and public users of urban green spaces with accurate dynamic usage data, to facilitate better, smarter use of urban green space.

Support for this project is provided by TAU Innovation Labs, IN4.0 Urbanism Lab.

Project Team

  • PI:  Tali Hatuka
  • RA: Iftah Giloh