2012 | Neighborhood-State

The project, “Neighborhood-State,” provides a lexicon of Israeli neighborhoods, both old and new, as a foundation for future comparative study and practice. The project contributes to housing discourse on three levels: (1) analysis and exposure of residential neighborhoods that are not on the academic or political agenda; (2) development of a methodology for a comparative, multi-disciplinary study of urban fabrics; and (3) comparative analysis of contemporary residential developments. Each case study includes a survey of both public and private spaces and interviews with residents and policy makers. The project, about which a book was published in 2012, also offers guidelines for future planning, taking into consideration the complicated context of Israeli society.

Support for this project was provided by LCUD, Tel Aviv University.

Project Team

  • PI: Dr. Tali Hatuka
  • RAs: Michael Jacobson, Roni Bar, Hila Lothan, Merav Battat, Jessica Fain
  • Photography: Roi Kuper


Download sample chapters from the book (published by Resling):