February 06 2014

The Planners: Concepts in Urban Planning in Israel

The Israeli planning system is embedded in a complex political and social context, which intensifies the sensitivity of the planning practice and its spatial intervention. This conference presents key concepts in urban planning that influence contemporary practice. These concepts are presented by practitioners and academicians in three round-table sessions, with an aim of developing a critical perspective about the way they are used, understood, and abused and misinterpreted.

Participants: Tali Hatuka, Tovi Fenster, Tami Zandberg, Talya Margalit, Hubert Law-Yon, Oren Yiftachel, Iris Levin, Shira Gorali, Dikla Yizhar, Erez Tzfadia, Haim Yacobi, Yonatan Rokam, Ziva Kolodni, Yoav Meiri, Niki Davidov, Ravit Hananel, Efrat Eizenberg.

The conference will be held on Sunday, June 5th 2011, at the Department of Geography and Human Behavior, Tel Aviv University.