April 20 2017

Industrial Urbanism: Exploring the City–Production Dynamic

Tali Hatuka is the Gust Editor of the last Issue of Built Environment:

 Industrial Urbanism: Exploring the City–Production Dynamic

This issue  focuses on the spatial implications and physical manifestation of contemporary manufacturing in the city. In doing so it addresses four key questions. 1. What are the contemporary relationships between city and industry? 2. Should contemporary manufacturing be subjected to the same rules and zoning regulations as its predecessors? 3. What physical planning and design strategies should cities pursue to retain, attract, and increase manufacturing activity? 4. What is to be done with vacant factories and neglected industrial sites.


  • Industrial Urbanism: Exploring the City–Production Dynamic
    Tali Hatuka
  • Industrial Urbanism: Typologies, Concepts and Prospects
    Tali Hatuka and Eran Ben-Joseph
  • Innovation and Production: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Trends and Implications for US Cities and Regions
    Elisabeth B. Reynolds
  • A New Model of Hybrid Building as a Catalyst for the Redevelopment of Urban Industrial Districts
    Timothy Love
  • Zoning and Its Discontents: Integrating Old Industrial Parks with the City
    Dan Price
  • Hybrid Factory | Hybrid City
    Nina Rappaport
  • Historic Heavy Industrial Sites: Obstacles and Opportunities
    Sunny Menozzi peterson
  • The Place of the Industrial Past: The Adaptive Reuse of the Industrial Heritage in the Engenho Central de Piracicaba, Brazil
    Gabriela Campagnol
  • The Autonomous Industrial Park: A Global Model with Local Variations
    Roni Bar
  • Facing Forward: Trends and Challenges in the Development of Industry in Cities
    Tali Hatuka, Eran Ben-Joseph and Sunny Menozzi Peterson
  • Publication Reviews