Research opportunities

Research Opportunities at the LCUD

Lab researchers come from various disciplines, including architecture, urban planning, engineering, economics, social science, and others. The LCUD emphasizes the importance of the connections between the physical and social dimension of urban design and planning, and of identifying meaningful analytical tools, experimental design instruments, and pilot strategies for policy/decision makers. In all Lab projects, issues of design, sociology, functionality and form are paramount.

The LCUD has funded-positions available for Master’s candidates. The Lab also hosts visiting scholars and PhD students. Researchers are expected to be physically based in the Lab and conduct research that aligns with one of the Lab’s ongoing projects. Applicants should have interests and expertise in one or several of the following areas of research: quantitative and qualitative analysis, city design and development, data visualization.

General Guidelines and Procedures for all Applicants

Submit an application by email to . Indicate your status and desired position.Please attach the following material:

  • Cover letter, stating research background and desired position
  • CV or resume
  • Links or copies of relevant publications and/or a portfolio
  • Letters of reference are optional

Degree-seeking Applicants

Applicants seeking a Master’s degree through LCUD must follow the general TAU guidelines and admissions deadlines. Additionally, you may also submit an application to LCUD, following the above general guidelines. Please state in your e-mail whether your have already submitted your formal Graduate Application for Admission to TAU.

Graduate and Undergraduate Summer Interns

Please note that, as a general rule, LCUD accepts graduates for summer internships. LCUD does not accept undergraduates for summer internships.