February 20 2017


This New website archaives all the collabrate project of Tali Hatuka (TAU) and Eran Ben Yosef (MIT) on Industrial Urbanism.

As we strive to make cities more resilient, more liveable we should ask: What is the relationship between our cities and industry today? How could the city and industry relate to one another in the future? What  strategies should cities pursue to retain, attract, and increase manufacturing activity?

Industrial Urbanism moves the conversation beyond the negative, exploring the relationship between current urban planning practices and the places where goods are made today. In a time of dramatic shifts in the manufacturing sector — from mass production to small-scale distributed factories; from polluting and consumptive production to a clean and sustainable process; from a demand of unskilled labor to a growing need for a more educated and specialized workforce — cities will see new investment and increased employment opportunities. Yet, to reap these benefits will require a shift in our thinking about manufacturing.

 This project is about redefining the role of industry in our urban areas, making it an integral part of our cities. Through, real-time projects and research we explore the ways industry creates places, sustains jobs, and promotes environmental sustainability. This is the future of manufacturing. This is the future of our cities.

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