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2011 | 2013 Israel Architects Association Gallery Part A | Curated by Tali Hatuka, Tel Aviv University. Assistants: Michael Jacobson, Roni Bar, 2011. Part B |  Curated by Yoav Meiri, H.I.T. Holon Institute of Technology. Assistant: Yoarai Sharon, 2013. THE FACTORY: A Study and Exhibit About Architecture, Labor and Production [A joint research project with Architect Yoav [...]

Urban Design & Civil Protest: A Socio-Spatial Laboratory

PI: Tali Hatuka Assistants: Fabiola Lopez-Duran, Ethan Berat Findikli, Helga Egetenmeier, Miryam Wijler Graphics: Shimon Vaitzman Throughout the history of cities, protests and acts of aggression have been embedded within urban life. Especially since the beginning of the 20th century, challenges to the social order have forced politicians to court the masses in public arenas—the [...]

Industrial Urbanism

PI: Tali Hatuka, Tel Aviv University, Eran Ben Joseph, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. RA: Roni Bar, Karen Johnson, Minjee Clara Kim, Elizabeth Kuwada, Christopher Rhie, Hen Roznek. Since the Industrial Revolution, cities and industry have evolved together: from Manchester to Rochester, company towns and entire metropolitan regions have grown around factories and expanding industries. However [...]