December 18 2014

Industrial Urbanism Symposium

Monday, October 27, 2014
4 -7 p.m.  MIT
Media Lab, (E-14)
Sixth Floor (directions)

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In a time of dramatic shifts in the manufacturing sector — from large industrial-scale production and design to small-scale distributed systems; from polluting and consumptive production to a clean and sustainable process; from a demand of unskilled labor to a growing need for a more educated and specialized workforce–cities will see new investment and increased employment opportunities. Yet, to reap these benefits will require a shift in our thinking about city physical planning and its design and development.

What might the future relationships between city and industry look like? What are the spatial needs of contemporary manufacturing? Should contemporary manufacturing be subject to the same rules and zoning regulations as its predecessors?  What could be the benefits of pursuing, retaining, attracting, and increasing manufacturing activity? Is there a way to design an industrial city while also maintaining livability and the quality of life of its inhabitants?

The aim of this symposium is to explore the future relationships between city and industry along three themes with a focus on their spatial implications.

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