2019 | Production Districts: Eastern Galilei and Kiryat Shmona

This project proposes the testing and investigation of a new industry/city strategy in relation to the new industrial areas in the city and the region as well as the residential fabric of the city. This strategy will be driven by cluster-based, ecologically sensitive development that aggregates the production activities of related industries while providing economic and environmental resiliency.

Specifically the project aims to bring new ways of thinking to the planning of industrial areas, where the city can co-exist with manufacturing through an industrial remix.  We believe that this new form of industrial remix can be achieved through a tripartite strategy of industrial urbanism, refigured manufacturing, and closed loop urban metabolism.  It is a place-based strategy that draws upon Israel’s strengths in industry, environment, and people.  We propose to investigate new forms of industrial areas by examining a range of possible prototypes that function more efficiently while creating a more livable domain.

In order to develop the full scope of possibilities for considering the notion of new industrial areas, the project will explore both the sites’ regional context as well as site-specific issues of site planning, infrastructure and physical-ecological systems. It then will go on to develop related strategic policies and guidelines.

Project Team

  • PIs: Dr. Tali Hatuka, Urban Planning, TAU, Dr. Eran Ben-Joseph, DUSP, MIT
  • Students:  Gili Inbar, Yael Saga, Nofar Ramer, Annie Hudson, Neha Bazaj, Nina Mascarenhas, Gary Tran, David Kambo , Tianyu Su,