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Industrial Urbanism: Exploring the City–Production Dynamic

Tali Hatuka is the Gust Editor of the last Issue of Built Environment:  Industrial Urbanism: Exploring the City–Production Dynamic This issue  focuses on the spatial implications and physical manifestation of contemporary manufacturing in the city. In doing so it addresses four key questions. 1. What are the contemporary relationships between city and industry? 2. Should contemporary manufacturing […]


This New website archaives all the collabrate project of Tali Hatuka (TAU) and Eran Ben Yosef (MIT) on Industrial Urbanism. As we strive to make cities more resilient, more liveable we should ask: What is the relationship between our cities and industry today? How could the city and industry relate to one another in the future? What  strategies should cities […]

Smartphone Users Are Redefining Privacy in Public Spaces

TAU study highlights how smartphone technology is leading to diminished privacy Private v. public, virtual v. real have converged in a world saturated by information technology. It seems impossible to divide the public from the personal. But when and where do we choose to share information about ourselves? How do we perceive public space and […]

International Summer School in Urban Ethnography

4th edition – Urban Cultures on The Ground DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY – UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, ITALY 13-17 September 2016 The fourth edition of the Summer School in Urban Ethnography builds on the collaborative working environment established in the previous editions. The School’s core mission is to provide participants with an inside view on the practice and the skills of [...]

Planning Perspectives: Editor’s Choice

Editor of Planning Perspectives, Michael Hebbert selects one stand out article from new each issue of the journal to join the Editor’s Choice Collection. These articles are free to access. The paper, “The challenge of distance in designing civil protest: the case of Resurrection City in the Washington Mall and the Occupy Movement in Zuccotti Park” was selected […]


The blog “Urbanologia” is an independent platform for ideas, dialogues and discussions about urbanity, by the Laboratory for Contemporary Urban Design. It presents a wide spectrum of opinions and views about the mundane and extraordinary, the planned and the unexpected, the malfunctions and successes stories. The blog also seeks to expose the lab’s current work […]