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Industrial Urbanism Symposium

Monday, October 27, 2014 4 -7 p.m.  MIT Media Lab, (E-14) Sixth Floor (directions) Watch the Symposium Online For further information: Symposium Program Details and Registration Abstract In a time of dramatic shifts in the manufacturing sector -- from large industrial-scale production and design to small-scale distributed systems; from polluting and consumptive production to a [...]


The blog “Urbanologia” is an independent platform for ideas, dialogues and discussions about urbanity, by the Laboratory for Contemporary Urban Design. It presents a wide spectrum of opinions and views about the mundane and extraordinary, the planned and the unexpected, the malfunctions and successes stories. The blog also seeks to expose the lab’s current work […]


“All the Happy Cities”, by Tali Shamir, Calcalist, February 06, 2014. “A Neighborhood in the Making”, by Eran Eldar, Ma’ariv, December 14, 2012 (online version, December 20, 2012). “A Vision for the New Neighborhood”, by Ester Zandberg, Ha’aretz, November 14, 2012. An invitation to the book launch event – Thursday, January 03, 2013, 8pm, at […]

Urban Design and Civil Protest

"Global protest grows as citizens lose faith in politics and the state", Peter Beaumont, The Observer, June 22, 2013 "Contemporary Protests Are Embracing an 'Open Door' Policy", American Friends of Tel Aviv University, October 24, 2011 "Designing a City for Safe Protests", American Friends of Tel Aviv University, February 23, 2011 "Choreographies of Civil Protest", [...]

Kiryat Gat 2025

“Meet the Smart City: the Technological Vision for Kiryat Gat”, Alex Doron, Ma’ariv, July 9, 2012 “An Experiment in the South: Kiryat Gat’s Digital Pavilions”, Roni Bar, xnet, June 7, 2012 “Reinventing Planned Cities: Rethinking ’50s Era ‘New Towns’“, Scott R Campbell, MIT News, May 22, 2012 “Re-inventing the Planned City”,  American Friends of Tel […]