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Industrial Urbanism: Contemporary Dynamics between Production and City Development

November 2017 Guest Editor: Tali Hatuka Built Environment Since the Industrial Revolution, cities and industry have evolved together: from Manchester, England,  to Rochester, New York, company towns and entire metropolitan regions have grown around factories and expanding industries. Despite this shared past, popular notions of manufacturing tend to highlight industry's negative aspects: pollution, environmental degradation, [...]


December 2017 Authors: Tali Hatuka, Carmel Hanany, Hen Roznek, Michael Jacobson, Yonatan Gat Resling Today, cities are redefining their relationships with the natural world, spurring a new style that will surely alter the dynamic between the city, man-made landscapes, and nature. . Nature is no longer seen as the antithesis of the city and civilized life, [...]

The Design of Protest: Choreographing Political Demonstrations in Public Space

Publication: University of Texas Press: Spring, 2018 Authors: Tali Hatuka Public protests are a vital tool for asserting grievances and creating temporary, yet tangible, communities as the world becomes more democratic and urban in the twenty-first century. While the political and social aspects of protest have been extensively studied, little attention has been paid to [...]


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